Allergic Poetry

This spring, when my Brownie unit started selling girl guide cookies, I started thinking of where I could possibly give them as gifts. I wanted to buy some and support the unit, but can’t risk eating them anymore. Suddenly it dawned on me that, having visited the Civic ER 9 times in 2016 alone… I probably owed the ER staff a big thank you. I decided to write them a card, too, and after some thought it became a poem. Hope you like it!

Poem for the Civic ER

This year’s been crazy with all of my visits,

With WAY too much time spent here at the Civic…

Through Urgent Care, Resusc, Emergent & Obs,

The care I’ve received has been truly top notch!

Hopefully I don’t drive you insane…

I’m trying, I swear! Not to react AGAIN.

You’ve all been awesome- I mean it- it’s true!

I might hate coming here but that’s not ‘cuz of you!

So to all the nurses, doctors, staff:

You’ve watched my vitals, made me laugh,

And so I send this note to you

(With cookies!) as a huge THANK YOU!