I miss junk food. Fries, pop, chips… all of these take significant chunks of my time to make safely now and as a result, I’ve basically been forced into eating healthier. There are some upsides, like the fact that my weight is actually at a healthy point, and staying stable.

But recently, I have discovered my new favourite fast food. Grilled sandwiches! There is, however a slight catch. While I recently re-added cheese to my diet, it’s only ricotta, and I have to make it. Ricotta does not melt. I’ve tried. A lot. It still makes a decent grilled cheese sandwich. Good enough that I ate them all before even thinking to take a picture to share them with you. Mine. My sandwiches. My preciousssssss….

But then one day I was running low on ricotta cheese, and I had a grilled cheese craving… and I happened to have some puréed chickpeas (memories of hummus?). I made two grilled chickpea sandwiches… and they were AMAZING. My sister keeps commenting on how awesome it smells whenever I make them. Which has been frequently, because they’re SO easy! 

I’ve also been making grilled dessert sandwiches too; with mashed banana, or blueberry jam, plain ricotta, and chocolate chips. Any or all of those make for a pretty epic dessert sandwich.

Grilled sandwiches totally rock. *happy janice*



I’ve had a few successes lately- one was PIZZA back in April; a fair bit of work, but it was well worth it after not having had pizza for a year. 

I ended up using purple corn flour as the base for my crust, and then my beet/sweet potato/rice vinegar “tomato” sauce. I made ricotta, and a sticky stretchy mess of a tapioca starch roux to make it more melty-cheese like. It was pretty awesome!

Two Ice Cream Recipes with only two ingredients each .

I find it ironic that my ice cream recipe came to me via Angola. But the most allergy friendly recipes are often the simplest, and simple recipes THRIVE in more remote areas.

Ice Cream 1:

Take two cups of cold whipping cream & whip. Works best if you can do this in cooler weather. 

Gently fold in one can of sweetened condensed milk. 

Add flavourings of choice, keeping in mind that it is already VERY sweet.

Pour into container, and freeze. Done.

  Ice Cream 2: or is it Sherbet

Cut bananas into slices and freeze. I recommend freezing it on a flat surface (like wax paper) before putting into a freezer bag to freeze. 

When you’re ready to eat, blend frozen slices. Add flavourings into blender (I like adding other frozen fruits too). It should be the consistency of soft serve ice cream.

Enjoy- I know I always do!