Hot dogs

I think I’ve mentioned before how much I LOVE camping. Roasting safe food on a campfire, especially.

Brownie Camp is one of my favourite parts of being a Brownie Leader (aka an Owl), and I love teaching the girls to balance not being burned with getting things cooked. We always roast hot dogs for lunch, so while last year I brought a foil packed lunch to cook on the coals… this year I decided to make my own hot dogs!

I have not yet succeeded in perfecting that hot dog taste… but they sure roasted! They even did a decent octopus-style split.

I modified recipes from a variety of sources, and basically cut it down to some basics.

1) Process the Filling. In this case I used beef, but I don’t see why it wouldn’t work with some combination of veggies if that’s your preference, though they might need pre-cooking to remove some extra water. I put it through the food processor until it started to clump together. It was SO fluffy! I should note I wish I added WAY more salt at that point. I couldn’t taste it at all in the final product.

2) Make the hotdog shape. Lots of recipes use casings (But I haven’t found safe ones yet). I found a video online though with someone just twirling it in plastic wrap… Not sure how safe that is generally, so I used food grade vacuum seal bags instead. I contemplated foil, too, but was concerned about a metallic taste. It took a long time though to wrap them so I skipped this step on a couple. It wasn’t horrible.

I also stuffed a couple with cheese. Those were amazing!!! But I also cooked and ate these within 72 hours. I’d probably have frozen them for longer food storage.

3) Poach them (or they said you can smoke them- I’m definitely going to try that next). I cooked them all the way through, just like regular hot dogs.

4) Roasting!!! While I waited for the fire to become coals, I roasted my hotdogs. I finished eating just before the ravenous Brownies descended upon me, which was perfect because then I didn’t have to worry about cross contamination.

All in all, a glorious success. My sweater still smells like camp, a friend of mine has promised to lend me their smoker anytime I want to try this again, and, most importantly, no allergic reactions all weekend!


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