DIY Tortillas

One of the benefits of having visitors in town is that I’ve been more inspired to make the same meals as what everyone else is having. My niece made a lovely meal-plan, so the other night I tried making enchiladas with flattened pieces of my safe bread as the tortillas, my “tomato” sauce, and ground beef. Keeping it simple. Lesson learned: that bread does not easily flatten with a rolling pin!!! It was pretty good, though.

Then they made tacos… and while I couldn’t decide what to put in the taco… I decided it was time to try tortillas again. My last attempt accidentally involved rancid corn flour (YUCK), so I figure that may be responsible for the failure.

Anyways, this time it WORKED! I added water to some oat flour (Only oats brand is what I use) until it held its shape and wasn’t too sticky, then rolled it flat between silicone mats, and fried it with a little oil.

My filling ended up being plain ground beef, some leftover lasagna bits, and I think some leftover cheese-like sauce. I ran out of time… next time I might try marinating the beef somehow (maybe in chicken bouillon? Or chia?), and I might use some fresh green beans to give a bit of crunch.

I was actually really impressed by how well it all held together!

I sense some quesadillas and empanadas in my future- YAY! And maybe I will also figure out the hard taco shells eventually… anyone want to help me test them out?


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