I miss junk food. Fries, pop, chips… all of these take significant chunks of my time to make safely now and as a result, I’ve basically been forced into eating healthier. There are some upsides, like the fact that my weight is actually at a healthy point, and staying stable.

But recently, I have discovered my new favourite fast food. Grilled sandwiches! There is, however a slight catch. While I recently re-added cheese to my diet, it’s only ricotta, and I have to make it. Ricotta does not melt. I’ve tried. A lot. It still makes a decent grilled cheese sandwich. Good enough that I ate them all before even thinking to take a picture to share them with you. Mine. My sandwiches. My preciousssssss….

But then one day I was running low on ricotta cheese, and I had a grilled cheese craving… and I happened to have some puréed chickpeas (memories of hummus?). I made two grilled chickpea sandwiches… and they were AMAZING. My sister keeps commenting on how awesome it smells whenever I make them. Which has been frequently, because they’re SO easy! 

I’ve also been making grilled dessert sandwiches too; with mashed banana, or blueberry jam, plain ricotta, and chocolate chips. Any or all of those make for a pretty epic dessert sandwich.

Grilled sandwiches totally rock. *happy janice*


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