Fabulous Failure

So lately I’ve been in an experimental mood with recipes… probably brought on by my discovering I really love watching 18th century cooking videos. I have to adapt all their recipes, but the ideas are often very old solutions to the problems I face in food preservation! 

Anyways, the other day they posted about Puff Paste, which is now known as puff pastry. I decided that since the butter has to stay cold… I would make it in the winter. Plus I was hungry. 
So I threw together a flour substitute (my wheat flour’s not allowed in the house, lest I poison my celiac sister & housemate), and calculated what I’d need so that I wouldn’t use a full pound of flour & a pound of butter… 

except that somewhere in there I screwed up. And thought it was 1:1 flour:butter in VOLUME. 

Fast forward to rolling out the dough. It seemed odd that it was SO thin the butter peeked through a lot. It wasn’t springing back like they said it would. But meh. Gluten free flours behave oddly, I thought. 

Then I cooked it. It took a lot longer than I expected, and to my surprise it looked like it was deep frying itself in the pie dish! The meat wrapped in pastry had the pastry spreading out all over. So I waited until it was all browned, and took it out. 

Not exactly *beautiful*… but OH. SO. GOOD. Good enough that I have decided not to try and salvage the leftover dough into new puff pastry that might get overworked in the salvage… but instead to make more of what I will call: Fried Pie. 

Behold, the blueberry fried pie that started it. I just filled the pie with frozen blueberries. Easy!!!

This week I made kiwi fried pie, with straight kiwi slices, and then done kiwi jam on top, and then coconut on top of that. 

Let me know if anyone wants the recipe for these failures! Lol. Otherwise I’ll post my adaptation on puff pastry once I get it to work!!!


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