Well, this week has been a long wait. I “challenged” cocoa last year, but it contained milk and may have contained other random things. Throw that test out… 

This year I was chatting w my allergist, and since things are going so well on the hives front (I frequently have days without hives now!!!), he cleared me for trying the cocoa nibs I had found at the store. These are sulphite and nut and everything else I’m allergic to FREE. Note: he cleared me for doing this at home, as it’s highly unlikely to cause anaphylaxis for me. DON’T challenge things at home without your allergist’s approval!!!

So far… I spent a day doing a standard challenge. A weird feeling mouth, and some flushing, twice in the day after eating them… But nothing major and maybe my chronic hives acted up.

Tried some more again last night- again felt weird, but the hives only came later on and may have been related to something else.

I *will* keep trying these. Enjoy Life chocolate is also sulphite-free, though I’ve learned that they go ahead and label natural sources of sulphites as sulphite-free… so… many of their “sulphite-free” products are only under 10 PPM. Sigh. Thankfully… the chocolate is not one of them!!! YAY! 

In any case trying cocoa has been a delight, hives or not!!! The nibs taste like coffee beans in texture, but the smell is totally chocolate. Just smelling them is SO, SO nice!!!

I might try the *real* chocolate on valentine’s if I’m not super busy… seems like a good day to try chocolate! Wish me luck 🙂 


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