Beans, Chard, and a dash of adventure

I made some awesome pumpkin seed soup again a few days ago (I’m sick. Again.), but I somehow bought too much chard and so tonight I contemplated how to use it up. I decided to look online for some non-soup alternatives, and ran across this recipe which also uses canned beans. A bonus when you’re figuring out how to reduce your crazy grocery bill (cooking from scratch is SO expensive!). 

You might initially think: um. WHAT is THAT? Or it may remind you of Dr.Suess and some things that should not be green. But there comes a point with allergies where a girl gets a little stir-crazy eating the same flavours day in and day out. I was beginning to think I’d tasted all the variations in flavour possible from the list. Nope!!! This is actually pretty good!

Without further ado, I give you: Green Fritters

You’ll need:

– chard, cut up (I just used the leafy part from one bunch, and fried the stems for another meal)

– a can of beans (I used white northern)

-flour of some kind (I used white rice, about 1/2 a cup-a cup)


– butter.

In a large bowl, using an immersion blender, blend the salt, rinsed beans and chopped beans together. (I did this in a blender. It was less successful). It will make a mixture that is pretty liquidy.

Then you add the flour in small amounts until it’s stiffer and more like the consistency of waffle batter (or stiff peak egg whites).

Put some butter on low heat in a frying pan, and drop spoonfuls of the mixture into the pan, frying it slowly and flipping it until you end up with a fritter that is firm all the way through. 

Good luck!


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