Confession time… up until about a month or two ago I was still using a shared toaster. I know, I know. Russian Roulette. After a few too many toast-related hives I finally gave up at stopped. 

Guess who is really awful at toasting toast with an oven? Me. Guess who hasn’t made toast in a while ? Me.

Imagine my jealousy when I saw my mom had a toaster bag!!! Bought in my city, no less, but gifted from a friend so she had no idea where to find it. 

But after some sleuthing (and interrogating a Santa who found some for my sister…) I found the truth. In Ottawa, turns out toaster bags of two varieties are available at “Ma Cuisine”! YAY! 

I was a bit skeptical at the plastic… but… seems to have worked!!! Guess who is now a happy camper full of toast? Me.


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