Camping with Allergies: S’mores Alternatives


Photo: Brendan Jaekl

Have you ever had a s’more? If not: Roast a marshmallow, push a piece of chocolate inside (to melt), and sandwich between graham crackers. So, so good. Unless you have allergies.

Sulphites officially SUCK. They are found in both gelatin and corn starch, both key ingredients for marshmallows. They might also be found in cocoa… and some salts. So every component of the s’more is problematic.
Blueberry Surprise

One alternative I pre-planned: Take two oatmeal cookies. Put pie filling inside, wrap in tin foil. Note: two layers is an excellent plan to avoid charred and crispy cookies.

Roasting Fruit


Good news: Roasting fruit on a scewer is delicious! I tried both golden kiwi fruit, and red banana. Both were lovely cooked, but I prefer the kiwi fruit. It actually seems to vibrate under the pressure of the boiling juices. 

Banana & Pie

I haven’t tried this yet, but I will! Take strips of uncooked pie crust, add banana slices, sprinkle with sugar, and wrap in tin foil. Cook on barbeque or a campfire.



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