Nutrition vs Allergies

Since I’m eating a pretty restricted list of foods, I’ve been trying to be careful about getting the right nutrients long-term. After about a month of my newest restrictive diet, I started noticing my hair falling out in clumps. Ack! Mom thought it might just be stress, but my dietician suggested it could be a lack of zinc.
 I was also concerned about the lack of iodine in my diet; there’s not much that naturally occurs in sea salt, and so far I haven’t had much luck in contacting iodized salt companies to check if they add sulphites or not. Boo. My grandmother had a goiter from lack of iodine… So this was important to me!

Can I just point out how much of a challenge it is to avoid corn starch and gelatin in medications?!? Most  vitamins have them too, and I’m trying to limit even that small amount of sulphite intake. Add in my oral allergy syndrome issues with a ton of fruits and vegetables… And vitamins are almost impossible to find. Especially multivitamins.

At first we had found one by Genestra that worked, but it isn’t available anymore in North America. 😞 Then I spent about an hour in a nutrition store, and eventually ran into one by SISU.  It tastes awful… and my urine ends up NEON yellow… but my hair stays put now, so… Yay! 

On the plus side, because I’m making all my own food… It’s been very easy to be sure my meals are much closer to the Canada Food Guide recommendations than it used to be. I’ve stopped trying to have more than two different types of vegetables with each meal, though- it’s easier while I’m preparing, and makes for more varied meals. 6 vegetables. 2 meals w veggies a day… So now I don’t always have all my possible vegetables every day. It’s delightful!


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