Allergies: Making a simpler life

This time last year, I had only ever had three adventures with epi. Now, there have been fourteen. 

When I explain all that I have to avoid, including sulphites which are seemingly in almost everything (Tea. Salt. Starch…) sometimes people exclaim: “Wow! That must make your life SO complicated!”

But looking back and comparing then & now… I’m not so sure. In fact, I think it may have simplified things. 

At the moment, I can list off the entire contents of my fridge, freezer, and pantry. In every meal I know EVERY ingredient. Anything I didn’t make myself I’ve called the company, and talked about how they make it. At the moment that is limited to: Post Shredded Wheat, Maison D’Orphee Sea Salt, PC Puffed Wheat, PC Corn Oil, Lantic Sugar, Natrel Lactose-Free Milk and Whipping Cream, PC Sweetened Condensed Milk, PC Pasta (100% semolina wheat), Arm & Hammer Baking Soda, Marukan Rice Vinegar, Dimpflmeier Light Rye Bread. I’ve been known to jump up and down when I find products that list only ONE ingredient. When you have to write down every ingredient in everything you eat for the month of January… You simplify. 

I’m actually pretty lucky. There are a surprising number of things I can eat, and a fair bit of variety is still possible. 

When it comes to fruit, I have to buy fresh. I can eat grapefruit, orange, blueberry, kiwi, and banana. So I generally rotate. Mornings where I can sit down, I make pancakes (with banana & blueberries) or French toast (using banana instead of egg) with blueberry syrup, or just plain blended blueberry. Mornings where I have only a short amount of time, I have shredded wheat with blueberries, and maybe a grapefruit. Mornings where I run out the door like a crazed turkey … I grab a banana and, if I’m lucky, a muffin I made earlier in the week. Or dry shredded wheat.  

 Lunches and suppers have become fairly predictable as well. I make large batches of food, and I try and make it so that I’m not eating the same thing for both lunch and supper. 

Meat: Mostly I get chicken, ribs, ground beef, or lamb. I usually fry the chicken covered in white rice flour. Ribs get a sweet & sour sauce (rice vinegar & sugar). Ground beef & lamb just get baked. Occasionally I get to our farmer’s market and have venison, or I’ll splurge on some buffalo steaks. Yum!
Side: Either I make rice, sweet potato fries, or pasta. If i’m feeling fancy I make a white sauce for it: flour, milk, butter. 

Veggies: These I rotate- usually pairing sweet potato with corn, green beans with golden beets, and Swiss chard with squash. The goal is to try and have both orange and green vegetables every day… 

Generally speaking all this means that grocery shopping is easier (less choice), and usually faster…. Unless I  oogle everything else in the hopes that maybe if I stare at the chocolate long enough, I could maybe taste it without reacting. 

Dining outside the house is equally simple: I bring my own food. I drink tap water. Or I don’t eat. Not that simple is easier, mind you… 


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